Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace

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Furniture handicraft Wholesale b2b Rich Door - I was forced to use English. Why? Because i Join a competition of SEO, alias Search engine Optimization. I must admit my English is too bad. So, i just use Google Translate to use this article. 

Who, Whom, and Where you can Join this Contest?
Ok, let's check this Rules from .

  1.  SEO Game is the commencement date of 26 April 2010 (Hour 12:00 pm) 
  2. SEO Game is the expiration date of July 26, 2010 (Hour 12:00 pm).
  3. Announcement of date. July 27, 2010
  4. SEO techniques only ethical that might be used in this contest, and the jury is entitled to review the techniques used by the victors, to be sure.
  5. Not allowed any element of pornography, discrimination, or unlawful actions in the implementation of the SEO Game.
  6. Target Keyword: "Indonesia Handicraft Furniture Wholesale Marketplace"
  7. SEO Game is using English as content relevance.
  8. The relevance of the content is very concerned about, make the appropriate English language content targeted keywords and readable.
  9. Only registered participants can compete and win prizes offered by the committee.
  10. Registration is free and open to anyone with no age restriction.
  11. Each participant must have an entry page back links that can be viewed on
  12. One person can only get one gift.
  13. Maximum domain age 8 years.
  14. You are allowed to use an existing domain, but the page / URL of the submitted entry must be completely new with no back links and previously cached version.
  15. Not using the target domains and subdomains with keywords in lombakan.
  16. The organizing committee and teams are allowed to enter a contest maker, but is not entitled to any prize.
  17. Rules can be added or modified from time to time in accordance with the feedback received from participants.
  18. Target winnings SEO Game Out of Indonesia result in 

And, How about Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace?

Lets, check this :
Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace 

Before that, I'll explain about The Sponsorship of this event : An online furniture & handicraft manufacturers directory containing listings from furniture manufacturers, suppliers, exporters featuring office furniture, contemporary bedroom furniture, variety of sofas, tables, chairs, almirahs, bookshelves, racks, mirror frames etc. We present before you an online suppliers' directory in this furniture marketplace dealing with all types of furniture available in several designs and materials. Get acquainted with different dealers in the furniture market and send online business queries.

Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace a lot of required for housing, offices, or any other place either indoor or outdoor, where the existence of this furniture will look more beautiful and comfortable to be occupied in one places.

Many applicants furniture either individuals or companies are not satisfied because of lack understanding of quality furniture, and sometimes complain getting low quality furniture and expensive.
 Status : To Be Continued

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Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace
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