Shadow Defender : Sepupunya Deepfreeze

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Pintu Kaya - Sobat Blogger pasti sudah pada tahu apa itu deepfreeze dan apa kegunaannya bukan? Nah sekarang Pintu Kaya coba share sepupunya Deepfreeze, Shadow Defender yang memliki fungsi hampir sama dengan deepfreeze. Lalu apa kelebihannya software ini dibandingkan Deepfreeze?

kelebihannya dari software deepfreeze adalah software ini mempunyai fitur yang bisa memilih folder mana yang tidak di freez. Njah sepertinya software ini layak dicoba.

 Lalu bagaimana penjelasannya? berikut adalah penjelasannya yang saya ambil dari sini

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 /XP /2003 /Vista/Windows 7
  • Memory by OS: 2000: 128MB, XP: 256MB, 2003: 256MB, Vista: 512MB, Windows 7: 1GB
  • Hard Disk: 3 MB for program files, 10MB or more free space for each partiton in Shadow Mode

The Good
  • The application is very easy to handle and it does not take at all long to enable Shadow Mode. While protection is active no change will be made to the original drive. So this means that you no longer have to worry about the tracks left behind after a browsing session (cookies, temporary files, account details etc.).
  • Shell extension makes it easier for you to enable committing changes of a file or folder to the drive.
  • Although in Shadow Mode, everything on the computer works normally, as if nothing has happened, but nothing can be written on the original drives.

The Bad
  • There is no way to remove the protection for some of the drives while leaving others enabled as the exiting Shadow Mode requires rebooting your computer.
  • Saving the change of big folders to drive is time consuming and a computer resource hog.
  • Shadow Mode tip is displayed in all four corners of the desktop and it is kind of a nag.
Mirror : Here!!!

Demikianklah software yang saya share, semoga bermanfaat buat sobat Blogger sekalian.

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